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Apple Orchard

Our History

We are the third owners and operators of this orchard.  When you come to pick our apples you are benefitting from the hard work and toil of several families that have come before us.  We only hope to build on the foundation that they have laid.  

The O’Dalen’s (sp) were the original owners of this property.  The family has owned this land for many years prior to starting the orchard.  The buildings and many of the trees that are now The Happy Earth Orchard were built and planted in 2000.  Apple Ridge orchard was formed a short time later.  

In 2016, Joe and Jill Zawierucha purchased the property and began operating under the name Rush River Orchard and Bakery.  While Joe pampered the trees, Jill made a name for herself in the bakery.  Jill’s pies, cookies, crisps, and donuts became a welcome treat for apple picking enthusiasts.  As you walk the 7 acres of orchard, you will notice many younger trees which were planted in large part to Joe and Jill’s passion and hard work.  Rush River Orchard and Bakery was sold in October 2020.  

We are excited to add The Happy Earth Orchard chapter to this land’s history.

Our Story

In 2012, as a newly engaged couple, we attended the Bayfield Applefest.  While visiting one of the orchards during a beautiful fall day, Shawn expressed a romantic and whimsical thought that it would be fun to own an apple orchard someday. Little did we know, this harmless idea planted a seed that would come to bear fruit 8 years later.

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