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U – Pick Preparations

We are so excited that you are planning a visit to our orchard.  We want you to thoroughly enjoy your time here.  Just remember, if you plan to come for U-Pick, you will be picking the apples outside on your own and at your own leisure.  Therefore, please keep in mind the following:

-Bring walking shoes (close toes shoes are ideal)

-If weather conditions have brought rain prior to or during your visit, please be aware the grass can get wet and the ground can be muddy.  Dress accordingly!

Apple Picking Tips and Tricks

We want nothing more than for you to be satisfied and happy with your experience at our orchard.  When you arrive, please check in at our store to receive your apple picking bag and an orchard map so we can direct you to the rows that are open for picking.  If it is your first time at the orchard, we will be available to show you where you need to go.  We kindly ask that you only pick in the designated currently picking rows.  Feel free to sample as many apples as you would like while you are out picking. 

A few of our Picking Tips:

Start by picking the apples furthest from the truck of the tree.  Those ripen first. 

When you eye the apple you want to pick, hold it in the palm of your hand (fingertip pulls can cause the apples to bruise), lift the apple up and twist to release it from the tree.  We kindly ask that you avoid any shaking or pulling on the branches.  

Handle the apple gently to avoid bruising and place the apple…gently…in your bag.

If the apple you are picking falls to the ground, you may pick it up if you wish but don’t feel obligated to do so.  Do not pick up any other apples from the ground.  

When you have fully enjoyed the experience of picking your own apples (and filled your camera with photos), stop by our store to check out.  Grab a bakery item and see the other items that make us HAPPY.

Our Story

In 2012, as a newly engaged couple, we attended the Bayfield Applefest.  While visiting one of the orchards during a beautiful fall day, Shawn expressed a romantic and whimsical thought that it would be fun to own an apple orchard someday. Little did we know, this harmless idea planted a seed that would come to bear fruit 8 years later.

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